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Protect and possibly cure yourself from all diseases

with warm water, raw food and liver, colon and bowel cleanse

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Healthy4ever can protect and cure you from all diseases. The secret of Healthy4ever, in protecting and curing you from all diseases, is in the correct and systematic use of the miracles of medical and healing powers of warm water, food, exercises, "liver, colon and bowel cleanse" and avoiding and overcoming distresses. It also exploits nutritional powers of food like raw fruits, vegetables and nuts and legumes, grains and spices.

Healthy4ever can protect any healthy person from diseases, especially terminal diseases like cancer, if applied around 80%. Someone, who is not healthy, need to apply it by 100% to recover and prevent the recurrence of the disease. Healthy4ever does this by supper charging your immune system and getting rid of  FREE RADICALS, rusts,  inside your body.

Free radicals are food metabolic wastes, cause all terminal diseases like cancer and speeds up ageing. We become ill when our immune system fails to neutralize all free radicals. This happens when we get too much free radicals for the immune system to match to neutralize. But Healthy4ever always keeps your immune system supercharged to neutralise any amount of free radicals always before they cause any disease.

Healthy4ever also slows down ageing process by half at least. For example, if some one is now 40 yours old when s/he becomes 80 years old s/he will have a physical age of 60 year old or less. In addition to the natural process of ageing, free radicals also speed up ageing. but with Healthy4ever free radicals can not do that because they are neutralised before reaching natural ageing process to speed it up.

The author of Healthy4ever is a living proof of Healthy4ever. He has not become ill since early 2011. Before that he had high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, overweight and kidney problems. Now all these diseases are under control. Before that, he got flu and chest infection at least once a year if not more. Always his GP prescribed him antibiotics to recover from flu and chest

infection. But since early 2011, he has not got flu or chest infection and have not used anti biotic. His GP records prove his claim.

According to medical expert statements, we don't die because of old age but we die because of diseases. The author is over 73 years old and has not been ill for over nine years but he doesn't mind to die any time as long as he has been at the wedding of his grand children and seen his great grand children pushing him around to spend his money like his grand children, who started pushing him around to spend his money the moment they got on their feet. In the pictures, you see him with eight month old grand daughter baby Arianna, in the following picture the baby has become old enough to shop to spend his money, in the third picture she has become nine years old and on the fourth picture he is 72 years old. The picture taken on eighth birthday of Arianna.

Healthy4ever is the product of about 9 years of research, brought to you to protect and cure yourself from all diseases and help to live longer, happier, healthier and disease free. It is made up of over 70 subjects written on about 100 pages, available for a contribution of £10.00. Please click the first link bellow to read titles of each subjects with a brief description of each subject. The second link take you a page to read the story behind Healthy4ever.

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