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I am the living proof of the Miracles of R120Y diet when it comes to the recovery from diseases and good health. Five years ago, I was infested with diseases; I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, third stage chronic kidney disease, asthmatic, knee pains, over weight, getting painful cramps in my legs at night and getting cold and chest infection once or more each year. My legs, arms and back were also itching very hard.   Now I am clear from all of these diseases except asthma and knee pains, which I have for over 30 years.

Conquer Cancer

Before each time I got chest infection and cold I had to use anti biotics. But now when the last time I got cold and chest infection, I recovered without anti biotics for the first time in my life. Before, if I ate or drank anything cold from fridge I would get cold and sometimes chest infection. But now I don’t have this problem anymore. Every day I make fruit salad at least twice. Each time I take out cold fruits from the fridge to make my fruit salad and eat it immediately.

I will become 70 years old by July 2015 but feel very healthy with a lot of stamina although I have a mild asthma and knee pain. I am still working as self-employed removal man. I can work long hours without resting or becoming hungry. For example a few weeks ago I left home at 7:00am in the morning for work and came back in the evening around 8:00pm. During this time between 7:00am and 8:00pm, I didn’t eat or drink anything. On April of 2015, I loaded my van alone with one and half tone of scrap metal in four hours. I did most of the unloading by myself at the scrapyard but because it took too long the scrap yard man became annoyed. Before I finish unloading he entered the van and threw out the rest of the scrap. It took too long because I was separating higher price metals from the cheaper ones to get more money.

The Miracles of R120Y diet is based on the accumulation of knowledges and conclusions gained from extensive researches, started five years ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and third stage chronic kidney disease and the death of my wife from lung and liver cancer. The death of my wife was very painful because I couldn’t do anything to save her. I asked her doctor if one can live with one lung and half liver. The answer was yes theoretically. So I offered half of my liver and one of my lungs to be transplanted to replace her liver and lung but the doctor refused it.

I discovered something was threatening her life before she became ill from my dreams because my brain was smelling her dormant disease and was sending me messages in my dreams. My removal van was and still is my most important asset. Each night I had a nightmare because my van was stolen in my dream without trace. The van was a symbol of her as my most important asset. In parallel to that I was seeing her in my dreams with my father and mother, both diet very long ago and whom she never had met.  This was the confirmation that something was threatening her life.

After her death I decided to find out everything about cancer. So I started researching online and offline, books, about life, death, health, food and diseases especially cancer.  As a result of that I have accumulated a lot of knowledges and conclusions, out of which I have drawn my conclusions as the Miracles of R120Y Diet. Now I disclose full details for everyone to benefit from them.

I enjoy a good health and lots of stamina because of the Miracles of R120Y diet although I am still on medications. Over 80% of my diet made up of fish, fresh and new fruits and vegetables, most of it organic, and grains and nut, all of them are organic. Every day I eat a slice of mackerel or salmon or herring. I make my own bread with organic ingredients. Every day I eat at least two bowels of fruit salad with my own made kimchi, each before the main meal by half an hour. Some times late evening, I drink half of a small cup of organic coffee and every day I drink one and half cup of weakly brewed organic tea with my meals. All my herbs and spices are organic. I use sea salt and organic honey, dates and sultanas instead of sugar. Every day I drink 0.04 litres of filtered water per each kilogram of my weight. I am 65.00 Kgms, which means I drink 0.04 x 65 = 2.60 litres/day. I drink it at four equal amounts at regular times before breakfast, around 10:00am, 4:00pm and 10:00pm. Every week once I take coffee enema. I chew my food a lot until it becomes a soup in my mouth.

I don't use the Miracles of R120Y Diet obsessively. I use it over 80%. Each week once I have to go an infamous fried food restaurant to eat some fried chips. For your information fried food is the worst food because it is oxidated and full of free radicals. It speeds up ageing and can causes diseases including serious ones. Another bad habit I have is my love for steak and kidney pies and doughnuts with jams, both are bad especialy the doughnuts because they are fried. Each month once or twice I eat steak and kidney pies and doughnuts.

I fast each two weeks once for around 24 hours, from lunch to the lunch of the following day.

Wish everyone a happy and healthy long life.

The Author
London 06 Feb 2016

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