Frozen Whole Grain Organic Bread

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One of the worst foods, which we eat very often as a stable food, is bread because it is a processed food and most of the times made from refined flour. Processed foods like bread, react with air and become highly oxidated. Breads made from refined flour also lose most of their nutritions and cause weight gains.

Highly oxidated and poorly nutritious foods, like bread, cause many mysterious diseases, including long term disease of biological ageing and deadly diseases like cancer. When deadly diseases hit, no one knows why. Doctors can not give any explanation except prescribing medicines or putting us in hospital. Full details of food oxidation and how to prevent oxidation, explained in the Miracles of R120Y diet

We can reduce bread oxidation a lot by choosing whole grain and organic ingredients and freezing them after backing. We can also reduce it's harms by not eating it a lot. The picture bellow is for my own-made organic wholemeal wholegrain bread, which lasts me at least a week, some times as long as two weeks. This bread made from the following ingredients:

1- 630.00 grams of organic wholegrain wholemeal flour

2- 400.00 grams of mineral or filtered water

3- Two teaspoon sea salt

4- two tablespoon of any organic seed oil

5- Two tablespoon organic sugar

6- two table spoon organic dry milk, which is not available always.

7- Three teaspoon of organic yeast, which is not available always

All these ingredients are available in Sainsburys most of the times. I have a small backing machine, which does all the work from doughing to backing. First I add water and the oil. After that I add the rest of the ingredients except yeast, which I add at last. After the bread backed and cooled down, I cut it to small slices. I wrap each slice in a piece of cling film and put it in the freezer. Whenever I want to eat bread I take one or two slices. I defrost them or toast them.

Organic Bread
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