Cooking and Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice is very nutritious and more nutritious than white rice by more than three times. I use organic whole grain rice, brown, and soak it about 24 hours before cooking. Soaked brown rice cooks in around 20 minutes. But unsoaked brown rice takes over half an hour.

Soaking brown rice, before cooking, has other important health benefits. All grains have enzyme inhibitors and some toxins. Enzyme inhibitors are something unhealthy but prevents the grain to germinate unless it is in a wet environment. The purpose of toxins is to protect the grain from being eaten. These toxins are also not healthy on the long run. With soaking, both the toxins and enzyme inhibitors become neutralised.

Soaking brown rice overnight before cooking activates germinating compounds, which creates more enzymes and nutritions. These compounds are particularly beneficial for people with diabetes. It significantly reduces nerve and vascular damage caused by diabetes. It also normalises blood sugar and enzymes out of balance because of diabetes.

Brown rice also contains germ compounds, which become active with soaking. They normalise metabolism. This is some thing, which white rice doesn't have. Also regular consumption of brown rice helps to lower blood pressure and glucose level.

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To soak your brown rice, use mineral or filtered water twice the amount of rice. You can add a bit of sea salt or vinegar or lemon juice to it. Try to change water two to three times before cooking. Water contains air and oxygen, which cause grains to oxidate. To prevent that boil the water and bring down the temperature by pouring cold water on the container with boiled water. After that pour it on the grain to be soaked. Cover the top of the water with cling film to prevent it absorbing air. Please see the picture bellow. In this picture you see cling film on the surface of the water to separate it from air.

Brown Rice Soaking

In the picture above, the soaked rice is protected from being oxidated by the cling film, which cover the top of the water.

To cook it, again, use twice the amount of water to the rice, bring it to the boil and simmer it for about twenty minutes. Before simmering, with a spoon give the rice a good mixing. When the rice tender, drain the water, let the rice rest for a while. After that it becomes ready for consumption.

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