Coffee Enema to Conquer Cancer

Colon washing is known as Enema and has been around since biblical times. You simply inject an amount  of water into your colon from your back. After a while you have to run to toilet to discharge every thing in one go, this is if you are lucky to rich toilet in time. That is the basic idea and how it has been done since ancient times but today we do what is known as Coffee Enema. Yes, you guessed it right; you inject coffee into your colon from your back.

But why coffee? Because coffee not only detoxes your colon, it also detoxes your liver to increase liver immune power by multiple times. This is because coffee enema widens the bile pipe between liver and digestive system. This causes more bile to flow from liver to digestive system. Bile is a liquid, causes a healthy digestion and neutralises toxins and waste products, which leads to a healthy mind, body and digestive system.

It has been proven that the main root of most diseases, especially cancer, is in the colon. With coffee enema, you almost completely eliminate all causes of becoming ill especially with cancer. Some clinics use coffee enema extensively to cure cancer or at least to help to cure cancer. It is the type of the diet, which has made the colon as the root of all diseases. This type of diet is mainly made up of meat, meat products, animal fat, and dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt and cream. Meat includes pork and poultry meat.

The sources of this type of diet are animals, which have temperatures higher than human temperature by about 2c. This temperature differentiation obstructs digestion, absorption and metabolism. Not all of this type of diet get digested completely. Undigested part sticks to the walls of colon because it doesn't have fibre to move it to the end of colon to get discharged. Later this undigested part decomposes and ferments inside the colon to cause very stinky winds and generates a massive amount of free radicals, which enter blood stream. It also causes bad intestinal bacteria to flourish to generate more free radicals in the body. Consequently the body becomes infested with free radicals, which make the immune system weak. When the immune system becomes week we become in danger of becoming ill with serious diseases including cancer.

Additionally undigested food stuck to the walls of colon causes the creation of pocket on the colon walls. These pockets become full of undigested food. These pockets are responsible for colon cancer.

With Coffee enema, even with simple water enema, you can protect yourself from all these serious health damages, which this type of diet can inflict. Even if one has a serious disease, the probability is very high that coffee enema can cure it in parallel to the use prescribed medication. Some clinics use coffee enema extensively to cure cancer especially colon cancer.

To do coffee enema, it is wise first to do water enema to cleanse the colon, after that you do coffee enema. But before every thing else, one has to go to the bath to try to empty his or her bowel. It is advised to keep each one inside for a fair amount of time. But be warned the coffee part side doesn’t come out in one go. After you discharge it you may be forced to run to toilet again after one hour or more or less.  With experience, one can get the grip of it.

Do your coffee enema at least once a week if you are healthy, otherwise do it every day. Do it in the evening at least after two and half hours after dinner. It is very important to hydrate your body fully first to prevent enema liquid absorbed into your body. Try to drink 0.011 litre of water per each kilogram of your weight. I am 65.00kg in weight and drink 65 times 0.011 = 0.70 litres of water before my enema by at least half hour.

 To do coffee enema you need enema kit made up of a plastic water container, like hot water bottle, and a tube. You fill the plastic water container and fit the tube to it tight. After that you hang the plastic water container upside down at a place higher than the place, where you lay down on your back. After that you insert the free end of the tube to your back.

I do coffee enema once a week. First I go to the bath to empty my bowel if I can. After that I do filtered water enema. I warm up the water to a temperature between 35c and 40c. Before I insert the tube in my back, I lubricate the tube and my back with a bit of organic oil to make insertion easy and painless. Before insertion, I let water to flow out of the tube to get rid of the air.

After all the water flows into my colon, I put away the tube and turn on my right side. This helps water to flow towards right side of colon and towards small intestine. I remain like that for around four minutes. During this time, I give a gentle massage to my abdomen. After that I turn on my back for the same time and carry on massaging my stomach gently.

I keep a big bucket with me in case I may not be lucky enough to reach toilet. After discharging the water completely from my colon, I make coffee for the coffee part of enema. I follow exactly the same procedure with water enema. But first I bring the temperature of coffee down to 35c to 40c. I use one table spoon of organic coffee. The spoon is full to the high top. I use the same amount of water, I drank over half hour before the enema. This amount of water was 0.70 litres.

Beginners advised to start with half of the amount of liquid advised per their weight. If your weight like me is 65.00kg, start with 0.35 litres of water each time. After you get a good grip on the idea, start using full amounts of water. You are also advised to put a big towel or plastic sheet under yourself and keep a lot of tissues with you

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