Don't cook your vegetables, ferment them all

Cooking vegetables makes them dead foods and dead foods, although contain nutrition, don't have enzymes and become oxidated, which speeds up ageing.

Our body uses enzymes as a medium to metabolise food and raw material for our immune system. Without this medium, the immune system stops and the body starves and dies. The body of each living being can produce only a certain amounts of enzymes in its life. So a dead food needs enzymes from our body to metabolise it. This reduces the amount of the enzymes, which the body produces. But a live food, like fresh vegetables (and fruits), has its own enzymes to metabolise it.

Oxidated foods speed up ageing, which is a disease, and cause internal diseases. If it was not for oxidated foods our body would have remained young for a lot longer. An internal disease, caused by oxidated foods, may develop as dormant, developing slowly without showing any signs like feeling pain or discomfort. After a while, it explodes as a fully grown disease that may be too late to cure. Most of the internally-caused diseases, including deadly ones like cancer, are caused by oxidated foods on the long run. Old foods, foods exposed to air and cooked foods are oxidated. But cooking causes a lot more oxidation.

Instead of cooking your vegetables, ferment them all. All the vegetables, which have to be cooked, can be fermented instead of cooking. This includes broccoli, radish, beetroot, swede, turnip, aubergines and the rest. A better way to ferment vegetables is to use the kimchi style fermenting as described with the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes.

Some Methods to ferment vegetables

Fermenting vegetables

kimchi style fermenting as described with the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes is one of the methods. In this method one can use any vegetable or a combination of vegetables. The kimchi of this method can be used to ferment more vegetables and then again use the new fermented vegetable to ferment more vegetables again to ensure one always has fermented vegetables. For this purpose first, shred or mince the new vegetables and then add about one third to their size fermented, kimchied, vegetables to them. In addition to that add some honey and Korean sun-dried red pepper. After that mix them very well. When all ingredient mixed well, press them down very well to expel all the air inside. Then cover the top of the vegetables with cling film to prevent air contact. Leave it for a week to ferment. Once a day, give it a good mixing and use new cling film to cover it after that.

If some one likes to ferment vegetables separately, I recommend still to use kimchi but in this case the kimchi has to be the exact korean recipe. The exact krean recipe part of Miracles of R120Y Diet kimchi is made up of the cabbages, also known as Chinese leaf, salt, spring onion, white onion, garlic, ginger, apples, honey and Korean sun-dried red pepper. Ferment this ingredients as kimchi. After that, use parts of this kimchi to ferment many other vegetables separately at the same time or when the existing fermented vegetable about to finish.

Fermenting Legumes

Legumes have to be cooked to become edible but cooking makes legumes dead and lose a lot of health benefits. Legumes are power houses of health benefits if can be eaten raw. The only way to eat legumes raw, is to ferment it. To ferment a legume, first soak it in water for two to three days or until it becomes soft enough. Ensure to change water at least once a day. Use at least twice the amount of water to the legume. When the legume becomes soft enough mince it and mix it fermented vegetable. Again I recommend to use kimchied vegetables or basic kimchi. Use a volume of fermented vegetable equal to about one third to the volume of the legume. In addition to that also add some honey and some Korean sun-dried red pepper. After that give the mixture a good mix and then press them down to expel all the air. After that, cover it completely with a piece of cling film. Leave it for at least two weeks to ferment. Each day or two give it a good mix and change the cling film.

How to enjoy fermented vegetables and legumes

They can be used as a side dish but best enjoyable from my experience when mixed with a cocktail of fruit salad. By cocktail, I mean a mixture of three or four different fruits cut and mixed together. My cocktail fruit salads made up of at least three new fresh fruits, two large table spoon of kimchi, a drizzle of sea salt and bit of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar.

fruit Salad
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