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These recipes should protect you from all diseases including cancer. If you are healthy you will need to use these recipes at least as 80% of your diet. If any one is not healthy he or she must use these recipes as 100% of his or her diet. If any one has recovered from a serious disease like cancer these recipes should prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Pre WW11 Japanese people are the proof of these recipes when they hardly had any serious deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity and the rest. They also enjoyed a lot of stamina. If it was not for the atomic bomb they would have never surrendered. Pre WW11 Japanese diet recipes are similar to these recipes except these recipes, the Miracles of R120Y Recipes, are far superior. This is because pre WW11 Japanese diet included a lot of alcohol, they drank with their meals and hardly drank water enough to fully hydrate their body.

Here is a real story about how these recipes can strengthen your body with a lot of stamina. This is a real story about an experiment on two rickshaw men: One of them given a diet similar to Western food and the other one given a diet similar to these recipes, the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes, for some times. After that both let to run on a race. Each rickshaw carried an equal load. The one on the diet similar to Western food, exhausted after four days. The other one was still running after three weeks. This was a true story.

I am also the living proof of the Miracles of R120Y diet because of these recipes. Please read my message here. Please Click here to read my message.

What is the secret of these recipes? These recipes use live foods, not dead ones like Western food. Live foods have enzymes but dead ones don't have them. But what are enzymes:

Enzymes are mediums to help our body to metabolise food and raw materials for our immune system. Without this medium, the body can not metabolise, convert, food to energy and build and repair tissues. It starves and dies. Without enzymes, the immune system stops and can not protect the body from any infection.

The theory of enzymes states that the body of each living being can produce only a certain amounts of enzymes in it's life time. After that it dies because of the lack of enzymes. So a dead food needs enzymes from our body to metabolise it. This reduces the amount of the enzymes, which the body can produce. But live foods, like these recipes, have their own enzymes to metabolise them. So these recipes spares all the enzymes, which your body produces.

All internally-caused diseases, including cancer, caused by dead foods because of their high demand on enzymes. Our body supplies enzymes on demand. Some times it can not match the demand. When the supply of enzymes can not match the demand, our immune system becomes weak or stops because it can not get raw materials, enzymes, to fight infections. This is how all diseases, including deadly ones like cancer, happen, all because of shortages of enzymes.

But these recipes, the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes, have their own enzymes more than enough for the body to metabolize them. This spares all the enzymes, which your body can produce and supply. This ensures the immune system never falls short of enzymes. As long as your immune system supplied with enzymes enough on demand, your body becomes shielded against all diseases.

These recipes, the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes, also helps to lose weight and keep your body at a normal weight. For details of losing weight fast with the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes Please click this link.

To get full benefits of These recipes, the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes, you need to ensure your body is always fully hydrated. You need to drink good water about 0.04 litre per each kilo gram of your body daily to detox your body daily. This fully explained in the Miracles of R120Y Diet. You also need to read the Miracles of R120Y Diet to understand full details and benefits of These recipes, the Miracles of R120Y Diet Recipes. Please click the link picture bellow for details of the Miracles of R120Y Diet:
Miracles of R120Y Diet

How do I use these recipes?

For breakfast, first I eat a large bowel of kimchied fruit salad. After that I may eat a toast of organic bread with organic honey, cholesterol lowering butter and half cup of weakly brewed organic tea. Usually I always squeeze a piece of fresh lemon over the honey on my toast. Sometimes after the kimchied fruit salad, I only eat a few dates with the tea. For my lunch, usually I eat one of the grain recipes and fish. My evening meal is almost the same like my breakfast. As a rule, I never drink anything with my meals and avoid drinking anything at least half hours before and two hours after my meals. I also chew my meals a lot. Chewing is one of the six pillars of disease prevention in The Miracles of R120Y Diet.

The Recipes are listed bellow, also available in printed form on request

1- Cooking and Health Benefits of Brown Rice
2- Multiple Highly Nutritious Organic Whole Grains
3- The Miracles of R120R Diet Kimchi, full Fermented Vegetables
4- Salmoned-Kimchi with Vitamin B12
5- The Miracles of R120Y Diet Kimchied Fruit Salad
6- Fish and whole Grain Meals
7- Quick Nutritious Grain with Fish and Nuts
8- Don't cook your vegetables, ferment them all
9- Soak all Your Nuts
10- Frozen Wholegrain Organic Bread

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