The Miracles of R120Y Diet Kimchied Fruit Salad

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Every day I make and eat R120Y kimchied fruit salad and eat it as the main meal usually in the evening or before breakfast main meal in the morning. It is really healthy and tasty because it is full of enzymes and good micro-organism as well as vitamin B12. I love it. Vitamin B12 comes with the Kimchi part.

In addition to green olives, the recipe is made up of at least three different fresh fruits and two table spoon, filled to the top, of my own made R120Y Kimchi. My favourite fruit with R120Y kimchi is fully ripened nectarine. The ingredients cut to small pieces, put in a large bowel and enhanced with a drizzle of sea salt, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and balsamic organic vinegar. For the evenings, in addition to fruits I may add some fresh vegetables like cucumber or green pepper.

I shop weekly for my fresh fruits and vegetables. Every week I can get organic apples, tomatoes and cucumbers. But for the rest, they are not always available as organic. The rest of my fruits and vegetable mainly made up of orange, kiwi, parsley, melon, strawberry, grapes, leaves and any other fruit and vegetable comes on the way. To complete my shopping some times I have to go to a mini super market, which has fresh and inexpensive fruits and vegetables, and another three super markets.

R120Y Kimchied Fruit Salad is the main food part of R120Y Diet. This fruit salad bellow in the picture, is special to break my fast. I fast at least once each two weeks for 24 hours, from lunch to the lunch of the following day. As usual, I drink my daily amounts of water while fasting. I add to the water as usual a bit of sea salt granules, or the juice of a piece of lemon or half tea spoon organic honey. This type of fasting is about not to eat any food but a lot of water, which is necessary for detoxification of the body and make the job of recycler enzyme easier.

This R120Y Kimchied salad made up of nectarine, orange, strawberry, grapes, kiwi, green olives and R120Y Kimchi. First, the large fruits; orange, strawberry and kiwi, cut to small pieces. After that all put into the fruit bowel and two large table spoon of R120Y kimchi added to them and mixed together. Please see the picture bellow:

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Fruit Salad

Miracles of R120Y Diet
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