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You gain weight more than normal because your diet is not nutritious completely.  Because of that your body feels hunger always seeking nutrition. This makes you to eat more and more.  But if you eat a diet nutritious enough you will not eat more than necessary and you will eat just enough to adjust your weight normally. Also eating late night and sleeping on a full stomach causes weight gain. A diet based on meat and dairy products also causes weight gain. Fried food is the worst.

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To eat a balanced diet to lose weight and keep your weight normal, eat new and fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain products. Make fish 10% to 15% of your diet but don’t overcook it. Eat fresh new fruits every day about half hour before your main meal. This stops you from over eating. Chew your food very well. Follow The Miracles of R120Y Diet. Unfortunately today’s foods including new and fresh fruits and vegetables may not be nutritious enough. If you feel you are eating more than necessary, which is the sign of lack of nutrition, you can use food supplements but first consult your doctor. Organic foods should be completely nutritious if one can afford them.

Drinking good water is one of the best means of losing weight. Drink something like 0.04 litres of water per each kilogram weight of your body every day at regular intervals. This is because sufficient water in your body keeps all living functions of your body active 24 hours even if you are sleeping. Each living function, when active, generates energy by burning fat in your body and by having sufficient water they burn fat by 30% more. Drink water, which is lower than your body temperature but strictly avoid icy cold water. When you reach your normal weight, always warm your water before drink it.

So how can you drink 0.04 litre of water per each kilogram of your body weight daily? This is fully explained in The Miracles of R120Y Diet. Water is one of the six pillars of disease prevention, including cancer, in The Miracles of R120Y Diet. Water used as a detoxifier, healer, disease preventer and remover.

As a rule drink your water at least half hour before and two hours after your meals. This is to avoid your water dilutes your digestive enzymes. It means always drink your water on empty stomach, which is very healthy.   Avoid tap water for drinking and washing and cooking your food. Use mineral or filtered water.

Moderate exercise is also very good to lose weight. Half hour walk or a mile run is more than enough. Also bear in mind that chewing your food a lot until it becomes a soup in you mouth helps to stop you from over eating.

Fasting also helps to lose weight. you can fast once or twice a week to speed up losing weight. Fast as described by The Miracles of R120Y Diet:

Try the recipes of The Mircles of R120Y Diet for your meals. They are published online. Please Click here or get them in printed form free for the postage and packing of £2.80. They should help you to lose weight, keep your wieght normal, give you a lot of stamina and keep your body very healthy.

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