My Highly Nutritious Organic Grains

In addition to whole grain organic brown rice, I consume also whole grain organic amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa, oatmeal and organic couscous. All these grains are highly nutritious and rich sources of fibre. They are gluten free except couscous, which helps to decrease the risk of diabetes. The protein contained in Amaranth is unusually high quality. The protein of quinoa is high in essential amino acids. Each one of these grains can be cooked in less than 10 minutes if precook soaked..

I soak together amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa and cook them with brown rice. First I gave them a good wash with filtered water. After that I soak them for a few hours in boiled and cooled filtered water. I change the soaking water once or twice. I use half cup of each to last me at least a week.

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First I cook the soaked brown rice for around 20 minutes. After that I add the other three grains and extra water. I use one third cup of water for amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa. All the four soaked grains need just over 4 cups of water. First I use two cups of water with the brown rice. Then add another two cups of water with the other three grain. The ingredients brought back to the boiling point and then simmered for under 10 minutes. After that all four ingredients cooked completely and ready for consumption.

After they cool down, I divide the cooked ingredients to small portions each enough for a less than a meal, put them in freezing bags and press each portion to become flat. I put four per a freezing bag, which I have, without contacting each other and put them in the freezer. I press the bags to expell all air out and then close the bags by folding the front of each to underneath each bag to keep it closed. In this way no air goes bag in the bags.. When I need them, I de-freeze one of them in warm water. After that I mix them with organic whole grain oatmeal porridge and organic couscous, both cook in in five minutes with the rest of defrosted grains.

During cooking, I also add organic mixed herbs and black pepper corns and some salt to the four grains. In addition to these, I also add to them a head of garlic, a large onion and a big piece of ginger after shredding them. When a portion of grains reheated with other two ingredients, organic oatmeal and couscous, I add to them a generous amount of soaked and milled organic mixed nuts and wholegrain sesame seed as well as curry powder, organic tomato purée and cholesterol lowering butter.

Raw garlics, ginger, onions and nuts

Sometimes I don't add these four ingredients during cooking. I add these four ingredients to them as raw after grain ingredients reheated and made cold. First I reheat the grain ingredients with added spices and leave the pot in a larger pot with cold water. After that I put these four raw ingredients and some fresh vegetbles like a tomato or a celery stick into a food processor to make them like smoothey. After that I go back to the grains to check the temperature with thermometre. If the temperature is over 45c I change the water in the cooling pan and use a spoon to give a good mix to the grains. This helps to lower the temperature. When the temperature of the grains become lower than 45c, I add the raw ingredients and give all the ingredients a good mix. These four raw ingredients have important healthy compounds like enzymes, which can not stands temepratures of over 45c. By eating them raw, we benefit from all their compunds.

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