Quick Nutritious grain with fish, Nuts and with
raw garlic, ginger and onion recipe

Main utensils needed: cooking pot, another bigger pot and a blender.

The purpose of this recipe is to do a quick complete grain cooking and save enzymes from other ingredient additions. The grains for this recipe has to be either oatmeal or couscous or both together because both can be cooked in around five minutes.

These are the ingredients I use:

1- A slice of smocked mackerel or salmon.
2- Half cup of oatmeal or couscous.
3- One cup filtered water.
4- A drizzle of sea salt
<5- A tea spoon of tomato puree.
6-A tea spoon of curry powder.
7-A tea spoon of black pepper corn.
8-A tea spoon of mixed herbs.
9- A quarter tea spoon of chili powder.
10- two table spoon of oil.
11- two to three garlic cloves.
12- Half of a small onion.
13- A fair size of ginger as big as the all sizes of garlic gloves.
14- A piece of available fresh vegetable like green pepper or celery or a tomato.
15- half cup of nuts.
16- one third cup of sultanas or black current or something similar.
17- A slice of fresh lemon.

Now the last 7 ingredients, numbered from 11 to 17 have enzymes and can be eaten without cooking. So we don't cook them to keep their enzymes.

But we cook the first ten ingredients except if the fish is smocked mackerel. Add all the first ten ingredients to the cooking pan and cook them well. If the fish is samlon, cut it to small pieces and let it to cook with the rest of the other nine ingredients. The food is going to be a bit thick so you have to continually mix it with a table spoon while cooking, otherwise it get burnt.

When cooking finished, put the fire off and put the cooking pot in the bigger pot, which contains some cold water. Leave the food to start getting cold and go to prepare the rest of ingredients.

Put the garlic, onion, ginger and vegetable in a blender and blend the ingredients until they become like smoothie. After that add the nuts to the smoothie and blend it completely.

Go back to the cooked food and give it a good mix to mix cold and hot parts together. Use the thermometer to see the temperature of the food. If it is higher than 45C, change the water in the larger container and replace it with new cold water. Mix the cooked food again with table spoon and check the temperature. If it is 45C or less, add the blended ingredients to them and mix them well. After that put the foot in a plate. If the fish was mackerel, put the slice of the mackerel beside the food and squeeze the slice lemon over it. Put the sultanas beside the food and start to eat it. If you want to keep it for later time, cover it with cling film to prevent oxidation.

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