Salmoned Kimchi with VitaminB12

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The idea of salmoned kimchi came to me because I was thinking about fermenting fish and culturing vitamin B12. When I was preparing Reach120Years Diet Kimchi, I thought not to wash organic vegetable parts because some of them were still carrying a lot of organic soil. It is thought Vitamin B12 exists in rich nutritious soils like organic soil. Accordingly I thought if I let the organic soils mixed with the ingredients, would culture vitamin B12. But I changed my mind because of the nature of organic sources.

In parallel to that I was thinking to ferment fish. So I decided to use salmon for both purposes because salmon has vitamin b12 producing micro-organism. Fermentation environment should help to multiply Vitamin B12 producing micro-organism. The following the ingredients I used:

1- Half kilo salmon.

2- One Korean cabbage, also known as Chinese leaf.

3- One bunch of spring onions.

4- One garlic of fair size.

5- One large organic onion.

6- A piece of ginger to the size of garlic.

7- three organic apples

8- Sea salt about two third of a cup.

9- Korean sun-dried red pepper, about two third of a cup.

10- half litre of mineral or filtered water.

12- Two full high to the top table spoon of organic honey.

Shred the cabbage to small pieces. Mix the salt in a half litre warm water. Add the salted water to the shredded cabbage and mix it well. Leave the shredded cabbage in the salted water for around four hours. Each ten minutes or so come back to it and give it a good mix. The salted water draws out the moisture from the shredded cabbage. This reduces the size of the shredded cabbage to at least by half.

While the salted water working on the shredded cabbage, shred or mince the apples and the rest of the vegetables, and mix them together. Cut the salmon to small cubes and add them to the mixture. Add the honey and sun-dried Korean red pepper to the mixture and give the mixture a good mixing. Use a large spoon for mixing or use your hand but wear clean gloves.

When the shredded cabbage is ready, dispose the salted water and rinse it at least three times with filtered or mineral water. After that add it to the mixture already prepared and give the mixture a good mixing.

Now the recipe is ready, put it in a wide open top container. Level the top of the mixture and cover it with a clean sheet of cling film to protect it from the air. Put back the cover of the container. If the cover of the container is not air tight, put the container in a suitable size plastic bag and close the plastic bag with rubber bands or anything suitable. Put the container at secure place with room temperature.

Salmoned Kimchi

Every day once give the mixture a good mixing and use a new clean sheet of cling film to cover it. Bubbling is the sign of fermenting. Kimchi ferments in a few days but because of the salmon leave it for two weeks. Two weeks should be enough for the salmon to ferment enough. As salmons have vitamin b12 producing micro-organisms, these two weeks should be enough for a fair culture of this micro-organism.

Kimchi is a Korean food national culture. It is very healthy but it may not fit to the tastes and systems of the people from other cultures out rightly. You have to let your system learn to digest it. If you made this recipe, eat only a small table spoon at the start in the evening when the recipe is ready.

I don't like the taste of kimchi a lone. But I mix it with fruit salad. It is really lovely with fruit salad. I do the same with my salmoned kimchi. I mix it with fruit salad.

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