Soaking raw nuts, seeds, grains and legumes

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Nuts, seeds, grains and legumes (ingredients) are power houses of nutrition, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and good oil. But raw ingredients contain natural toxins and enzyme inhibitors, which harm our health on the long run. They also disrupt digestion and absorption and they are unhealthy on our digestive system. They have these natural toxins to repel anything wants eat them and enzyme inhibitors to stop them germinating without water available to sustain their growth.

Boiling or roasting removes enzyme inhibitors but destroys enzymes. So far I have not found any source indicates that boiling or roasting removes natural toxins from these ingredients. So the safe way to go is soaking, which have superior advantages over boiling or roasting. It removes all toxins, destroys enzyme inhibitors, creates more enzymes and vitamins, neutralises gluten and makes proteins easier for absorption. All these benefits create other important benefits like making digestive system healthier and making colon clean and healthy.

 Soak these ingredients overnight with mineral or filtered hard water in a container wide enough on the top. Add a bit of balsamic organic vinegar or the juice of a piece of organic lemon or some sea salt. Use organic ingredients only if available and affordable. When rinsing the soaked ingredients, rinse it several times with mineral or filtered hard water until the water coming out completely clear. When soaking, use an amount of water at least 2 parts water and one part ingredients. The water can be changed several times before rinsing.

 It is advisable to boil the water used for soaking and rinsing. This is to get rid of the all air and oxygen in the water to prevent them oxidating  the ingredients. First lower the temperature of the boiled water to a temperature between 35c and 40c. Enzymes can stand temperatures of upto 48c. After that add the ingredients to be soaked to it. Then cover the top of the water with cling film to separate it from air. Boil more than enough water so that you can use some of it to give a good wash to the ingredients before soaking. Some ingredients may float because of trapped air inside them. Press them with your hand to get rid of the air. Some will sink and some may still remain floating. Give them a second try. If they are still floating, discard them.

It is important to lower the temperature of the boiled water quickly by pouring cold water on the container or put the container in another bigger container. After that fill the bigger container with cold water to the top of the container with hot water. This is because hot water quickly absorbs air and oxygen. Water is liquid and molecules of any liquid are in none stop movement. Molecules from the top quickly moves to other areas inside the liquid and molecules from other areas inside the liquid come to the top to replace them. This movement is a lot quicker when the liquid is hot. the hotter is the liquid, the faster the molecules move. These molecule movements makes it easy for the molecules of air and oxygen to enter the liquid. It is also important, when cooking, first let the water boils to get rid of the air and oxygen. After that add the ingredient to cook.

Use soaked ingredients immediately or dry them completely for later use. Drying means we have to expose the ingredients to the air, which cause oxidation, free radicals. This is something we cannot avoid but can minimise. Spread the ingredients on a wide try and put it in a dark place at room temperature. Strictly avoid hot places and lights because they speed up oxidation.

Put dried and soaked ingredients in a plastic bag but don’t fill the bag completely. Leave about 10 centimetre of the bag at the top empty. Fold the empty part of the bag in a manner to expel all the air inside. After that put a rubber band around the bag to keep it closed air tight. Put the bag in the fridge and consume the ingredients within a week. For longer periods, keep them inside a freezer, after putting them in freezer plastic bags. To make it easy to handle frozen dried and soaked ingredients, spread the ingredients inside the bag so that the bag takes a flattened shape. In this way it becomes easy to cut chunks from the frozen ingredients for consumption or any other use. Put separated chunk or chunks in a warm water for quick defreezing.

In the pictures, organic mixed nuts put to dry and organic wholegrain brown rice put to soak.

Dried Organic Mixed Nuts Soaking Whoel Grain Brown Rice

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