Exposing Cancer Untold Secrets to Heal and Prevent

First let me to expose a common mistake about cancer. Cancer is not genetic. if some one got cancer it woudn't mean that his or her close blood relatives might also get cancer. Cancer has nothing to do with genes, it is completely caused by diet and life style. For example cancer was very rare in Japan before WW11 when Japanese diet made up of plants and fish. After WW11, Japanese adopted western diet of meat and dairy products. After that millions of them got cancer.

According to a source with 40 year  experience ; cancer can hit us only when our temperature falls to as low as 35C.  According to another source; cancer creeps or spreads at night. This is not surprising because we are sleeping at night and when we are sleeping our temperature becomes lower because most of our body activities and functions slows down or stops to rest.

According to my own searches, low temperature is not the only reason for getting cancer. One gets cancer because of life style diet and shortage of water in the body. Certain life style diets coupled with a shortage of water in our body make our body an easy target for cancer. But cancer cannot hit us as long as we are active with a body temperature of over 35C. But whenever we let our body temperature falls to 35C for any reason, like sleeping, we make our body an easy target for cancer like playing Russian roulette.

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 The question is this: why certain life style diets and shortage of water make us an easy target for cancer? The answer is this: These life style diets make us unhealthy and degrade our immune system, which becomes weaker and weaker as our temperature falls lower and lower.  When it falls to 35C, it, our immune system, becomes useless against cancer. Our immune system makes antioxidants, pesticides, from enzymes, raw materials, against diseases. To make enzymes our body uses a lot of water to make these enzymes. But at low temperature coupled with shortage of water our degraded immune system becomes very week or stops because our body can not make enzymes enough. In other words the supply of enzymes can not match the demand. When this happens, our immune system prioritise enzyme use for the protection of some organs over others. This leaves some organs unguarded and unprotected. These organs become targets for diseases like cancer.

How one gets cancer? Each of our adult bodies made up of 40 to 60 trillion cells, which operate none stop 24 hours a day to keep us a life. These cells create FREE RADICALS, TOXINS, like CO2 and others every moment. These toxins have to be neutralised and disposed. CO2 disposed by breathing out, the rest of the toxins have to be neutralised by our immune system with the use of a raw material known as ‘enzymes’. After that they are disposed as urine, which also uses a lot of water as detoxifier. But if our immune system is weak or stops for any reason these toxins will accumulate inside our cells as garbage and cause us to become ill. If this happens while we are sleeping we become in danger of getting cancer.  Additionally a massive amount of toxins from undigested food, inside our colon, enters our blood stream. These toxins also have to be neutralised and disposed as urine.

These diets  generate massive amounts of free radicals, toxins:  Animal products, ‘like meat, fat, poultry, milk and dairy products’, alcohol, smoking, oxidised food like oil and fried food, tea and coffee, not chewing our food enough, drinking water or juices or alcohol with our meals,  tap water,  refined ‘salt, sugar, flour products’, canned food, processed food, food with additives and all none organic foods.

 Why these  diets cause cancer? Animal products come from animals, which have higher temperature by as much as 2 Celsius from us. This temperature differentiation makes digestion very hard and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. This high demand can cause exhaustion of digestive enzyme production and temporary weakening or stoppage of immune system.  Animal products never digested completely. A lot of it reach colon undigested to become fermented producing toxins and stinky winds. These toxins enter blood stream to cause serious diseases including cancer. Additionally animal product meals don’t have fibre to push undigested food out of colon easily. They stick to the walls of colon to create pockets on the colon wall. These pockets become full of undigested food. These pockets can not be emptied and cleansed. On the long term, they cause many diseases including colon cancer.

Oxidised food includes all fried foods, oil, butter, margarine, old food, exposed food to air like shredded vegetables in plastic bags, fruits and vegetables on shop shelves. These foods also carry a massive amount of free radicals, which cause an extra unnecessary burden on our immune system.  Alcohol and smoking also consume a large amount of enzymes to the point of exhaustion and immune system stoppage. Not chewing our food completely also requires a massive amount of digestive enzymes, which may reach to the point of exhaustion and immune system stoppage. Drinking with our meals causes digestive enzyme dilution, which causes uncompleted digestion and sending undigested food to the colon to ferment to cause toxins and colon pockets. Tap water contains chlorine, which is associated with causing cancer. All kinds of tea and coffee rub the cover of internal digestive system. This is associated with cancer on the long term. The rest consumes or causes the use of a lot of digestive enzymes to the point of exhaustion and immune system stoppage.

Cancer can be prevented and conquered with the Miracles of R120Y Diet. If you are healthy 80% implementation of the Miracles of R120Y Diet will be more than enough to keep your immune system strong enough to be ready any time to protect your body from any disease including serious diseases like cancer. If you are not healthy you will have to implement the Miracles of R120Y Diet 100%.

Cancer, DNA, Computer Programs

cancer happens because of the deterioration of immune system. When our immune system becomes weak or stops for any reason our body becomes infested with toxins, free radicals. This damages genes' DNA, which is the natural program of keeping, repairing and building the structure of tissues. When this natural program damaged, corrupted, it can not keep, repair and build tissues correctly. This causes what is known as cancer. In this case DNA acts like a computer program to do a job, which is to keep, repair and build body tissues, and Free radicals act like computer virus. When this virus, free radicals, infects this program, DNA, it can not function correctly. it keeps or repairs or builds body tissues incorrectly, which is known as cancer. But the Miracles of R120Y Diet keeps the immune system strong and always ready to respond to one or many infections at the same time inside the body. Healthy immune system also leads to a healthy body and a healthy body is immune from all diseases including cancer.

More about DNA

A human cell contains about 2.00 metres of DNAs. we have 100 trillions cells in our body. But not all of them have DNA. Blood cells don't have DNA for example. About 60 trillion cells contain DNA. So total length of the DNA in our body becomes 2x60 trillions=120 trillion metres 0r 120,000,000,000,000.00 metres. The combination of all these DNAs is known as genetic blue print of the body. This genetic blue print builds the body from inside out. It is similar to three dimensional printing, which creates an object but from outside to outside. Three dimensional printer is run by a program. If this program become corrupted the printer can not produce a correct three dimensional object as required. The same thing exactly applies on DNA genetic blue print. If DNAs of any area of the body damaged, they will build or repair body tissues incorrectly. These incorrectly built or repaired tissues become cancer tissues.

Additionally if any one has cancer, provided it is not advanced, the Miracles of R120Y Diet in parallel to the prescribed treatment and medication, will help to accelerate recovery and will prevent cancer to come back. Even if cancer advanced, don't give up, follow the Miracles of R120Y Diet. Miracles do happen with faith and commitment.

Heaven forbids it, if any one suffers from cancer and thinks to change diet to the Miracles of R120Y Diet, please do that with the approval of your doctor.

No one is immune from cancer 100%

Cancer happens for two reasons, either naturally for no reason or because of the diet. Nature is not perfect. DNA can get damaged and cause cancer without any reasons. But this is very rare, it could happen to some one in a million. But diet can cause cancer at a rate of percentages. On 2013 the rate of cancer in UK was 0.55%, which is a lot. There were 352,197 cases of cancer in UK on 2013. UK population on 2013 were 64.00millions. If all UK populations were on the Miracles of R120Y Diets, none of them would have infected with cancer because of the diet. we could have something like 64 cases of cancer or hundreds of cases but certainly not hundreds of thousands of cases..

Coffeee Enema to protect against and conquer cancer

Without except, all kinds of cancer patients have one thing in common. Each one has bad or diseased colon. According to a forty year research, it has been proved that all types of cancer caused by diseased colons, which get diseases from wrong diets. According to the same research cancer has nothing to do with genes. It is completely diet-related. So if some one got cancer it would not necessarily mean his or her close blood relatives might get cancer whatsoever. So the sure way to cure or prevent cancer is to have a clean and healthy colon.

Coffee enema is an important means to cleanse the colon to cure and protect from all diseases especially cancer. A lot of clinics use it to hep cancer patient to recover from cancer. Coffee enema involves injecting coffee into the colon through the anus and holding it inside for about 15 minutes. Read the following quote from a scientific source to see how useful is coffee enema against cancer:

"Coffee Enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall."

Coffee enema cleanses colon, liver, blood and strengthens immune system by as much as 700%. Liver like kidney also filters blood from toxins, which discharged through bile duct. Coffee enema widens bile duct a lot. This helps a lot more toxins discharged from blood and liver. Additionally coffee enema causes the increased production of a certain enzyme, used by our immune system, by as much as 700%.

Full details of coffee enema and how to do it explained in the Miracles of R120Y Diet. The Miracles of R120Y Diet is the only the source, which has important coffee enema information and instructions that no other sources have.

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